Inclusion in the Database of healthcare subjects

Acceptance and registration of applications for inclusion in the database of healthcare entities applying for the provision of medical services within the guaranteed volume of free medical care and in the system of compulsory social health insurance in accordance with Annex 2 to the procurement Rules is carried out by submitting it by the healthcare entity in paper form.

  • applications in paper form are submitted in stitched and numbered form without corrections and blemishes, while the last page is certified by the signature of the Manager or his authorized representative and sealed with the seal of the healthcare subject (if available).
  • Subjects of health care must attach the following documents to the application:
    1. a copy of the certificate (certificate) of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity or a copy of the certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur (for individuals);
    2. a copy of the identity document (for an individual);
    3. a copy of licenses to engage in medical activities and their appendices confirming the right to provide relevant medical services, including the location of the production base of the health subject or its representative office, branch (when applying for participation by the representative office);
    4. information about responsible persons authorized to maintain health information systems, in the form in accordance with the Appendix to the application for participation signed by the head of the health subject for subsequent provision of the health subject by the subject of Informatization of the login and password to the necessary health information systems.

In addition, it is worth noting that the contributions of employers and employees will be directed primarily to the expansion of the primary health care system, the prevention of diseases in order to reduce the number of hospitalizations, respectively, reducing the loss of working time due to effective outpatient care.