MSHI Coverage of the population (number of people)
16 466 657
Receipts of contributions and deductions (MSHI payments, in tenge)
248 358 754 516
Requests received
24 070

Check your status in the CSHI

There are several ways to check your status in the compulsory health insurance system.

The Qoldau 24/7 mobile app. To do this, select the "Check insurance status" section in the menu, then enter the IIN. The window will display the status and information about the availability of payments for the previous 12 months.
You can download the app in PlayMarket and AppStore.

Telegram bot @saqtandyrybot. To run the mini-program, open the link: or enter the name in the search bar, then select the section "Determine the status of insurance", enter the IIN.

The e-government portal To do this, in the "Health care" section, you need to find the service "Issuing information about participation as a consumer of medical services and about the listed amounts of deductions and (or) contributions in the mandatory social health insurance system", click on the "Order service" button, specify the IIN. The result will appear within 10 minutes.

Official website of the Social Health Insurance Fund. The "Determine Status" pop-up window is located on the right side. Just click on it and specify the IIN.