How to protect your patient rights

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of medical services provided, are faced with rude treatment by medical personnel, extortion of funds for medical services that are provided within the guaranteed volume of free medical care and in the system of compulsory social health insurance, or other problematic issues, you can:

  • Contact the patient support and internal audit service for help. Such a service works in every medical organization. It is enough to write a written application with contact details for feedback. For more information, please contact the reception of the clinic or hospital.
  • Contact the call center of the regional health Department. Since all medical organizations are subordinate to health departments, representatives of the latter will be able to influence the decision of your question.
  • Leave a request in the qoldau 24/7 application. After your application to Qoldau 24/7, the specialists of the social health insurance Fund will contact the medical organization and check the quality of the service provided, if for one reason or another you did not receive it, they will find out the reason for the refusal. All applications are entered in the register with the assignment of a registration number, thanks to which you can track the status of the
  • Оставить заявку в Telegram-боте @SaqtandyryBot. Для этого в главном меню необходимо выбрать команду «Отправить сообщение на 1406». Заявка должна содержать суть вопроса, а также название региона и медицинской организации.
  • Contact the 24-hour unified contact center of the Foundation 1406. Calls from mobile and landline phones throughout Kazakhstan are free of charge.
  • Leave a request in the section "Ask a question / report"