How to be treated abroad

The referral of patients for treatment abroad is carried out to ensure the availability of those high-tech medical services that are underdeveloped or not carried out at all in Kazakhstan. The program has been operating since 2012.

Treatment activities are carried out in foreign clinics at the expense of budget funds in accordance with the rules approved by by order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated may 26, 2021 № 45 .

The list of diseases that are treated abroad under the GVFMC includes:

  • arteriovenous malformations and tumors requiring radiosurgical treatment (gamma knife) due to localization in surgically inaccessible functionally significant areas of the brain;
  • arteriovenous malformations of the vessels of the brainstem, spinal cord and arterial aneurysms for endovascular treatment;
  • tumors of the base of the skull for transoral removal;
  • malignant neoplasms of the eye requiring radiosurgical treatment (gamma knife, radioactive applicators);
  • keratoprosthetics (a surgical method of treating leucorrhoea based on the implantation of a keratoprosthesis);
  • diseases requiring transplantation of tissues (parts of tissue) or organs (parts of organs), with the exception of autologous and related transplantations of hematopoietic stem cells in adults and children, except for nosologies in which this technique cannot be performed in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • stenosis of the larynx;
  • tracheal stenosis;
  • Neuroendocrine tumors by radionuclide therapy with isotope Lu (lutetium) 177.

Refusal to send for treatment abroad at the expense of the state may be in the following cases:

  • if you can go through the necessary procedure / manipulation in Kazakhstan;
  • if the patient is in critical condition and medical intervention will not bring a positive effect;
  • if the patient is not transportable;
  • if the patient has a disease for which there are no effective treatments.

To obtain a quota, the patient must contact the republican health organization, which examines and provides its conclusion, as well as a package of documents - a copy of an identity card, an extract fr om the patients medical history - for consideration by the Working Body of the Commission for the Organization of Treatment Abroad, operating on the basis of the FSMS.

Contact information of the Working Body of the Commission for the Organization of Treatment Abroad of the Department for Monitoring the Quality of Medical Care

After receiving the full package of the patients documents, the Working Body sends requests to specialized foreign clinics to receive a treatment program and cost estimates. The collected proposals within 20 working days are sent by the working body to the Expert Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which decides on the choice of a particular clinic.

The quota covers all necessary services, as well as transportation costs for the patient and his companions. The following are not paid from budget funds:

  • living outside the clinic;
  • waiting period for a suitable donor organ;
  • additional medical services not related to the treatment program, etc.

It is worth noting that those citizens who left the country for treatment on their own initiative are not reimbursed for the money spent.

To improve the organization of the process of referral for treatment abroad at the expense of budgetary funds, we ask you to take an active part in the questionnaire, which was developed for patients who received treatment in foreign clinics.

Anonymity is guaranteed. Thank you in advance and wish you good health!

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Rules for sending citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan for treatment abroad
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List of foreign medical organizations for sending citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan for treatment abroad at the expense of budget funds