MSHI Coverage of the population (number of people)
16 546 314
Receipts of contributions and deductions (MSHI payments, in tenge)
125 523 734 354
Requests received
13 921

About the fund

The non-profit joint stock company "Social Health Insurance Fund" was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 01, 2016 No. 389.


Ensure financial protection of every citizen of the country from unforeseen high costs of medical care by improving its availability and quality


The Foundation is a socially-oriented transparent organization that operates on the principles of sustainable development, enjoys the trust of the population and promotes the development of the medical services market

Task Of The Foundation

The implementation of goal 1 defines strategic objectives:

  • - Increasing engagement in the OSMS system
  • - Improving the availability of medical services

The implementation of goal 2 defines strategic objectives:

  • - Improving the planning of volumes of medical services and tariff policy
  • - Improving mechanisms for purchasing and paying for medical services

The implementation of goal 3 defines strategic objectives:

  • - Introduction of mechanisms for proactive monitoring of the quality of medical care
  • - Improving feedback to the patient

The implementation of goal 4 defines strategic objectives:

  • - Development of corporate governance, ensuring security and orderly processes
  • - Human capital development