MSHI Coverage of the population (number of people)
16 546 314
Receipts of contributions and deductions (MSHI payments, in tenge)
125 523 734 354
Requests received
13 919



Improvement of the personnel policy of NJSC “Social Health Insurance Fund” is considered as one of the most important factors for sustainable long-term development of the Company.

Employees of NJSC "Social Health Insurance Fund" - a strategic resource of the Fund. Highly qualified and motivated employees are the key to success. The Foundation seeks to have a team of professionals by applying a quality policy for hiring, training and motivating employees and improving their professional level, as well as ensuring the best possible working conditions.

The Funds approaches to human resource management are based on the need to maximize the potential of employees, considering them as a key factor determining the effectiveness of the use of all other resources at the Funds disposal.

The goal of the Funds personnel management policy is to create cohesive, responsible and highly productive human resources. The personnel management policy should create not only favorable working conditions that give job satisfaction, ensure the possibility of promotion, but also the necessary confidence in the future. Also, one of the important tasks is to ensure the achievement of the Funds strategic objectives by increasing the efficiency of personnel management and developing personnel as the most important resource of the Fund.

When recruiting personnel, determining wages, as well as implementing personnel and social policy in general, the Fund does not allow discrimination on the basis of age, cultural, religious, racial or other grounds. The Foundation assists in the prevention of all forms of discrimination, the use of child and forced labor, as well as in the selection and promotion of personnel solely on the basis of professional abilities, knowledge and skills.


The staffing level of the Fund approved by the Board of Directors is 949, including 255 for the central office and 694 for branches.


In the "VACANCIES" section of our website you can familiarize yourself with current vacancies of the central office of the Fund and its branches