MSHI Coverage of the population (number of people)
16 546 314
Receipts of contributions and deductions (MSHI payments, in tenge)
125 523 734 354
Requests received
13 922

Contact center

Consultation on the issues of compulsory social health insurance can be obtained from the contact center at 1414. Calls from mobile and landline phones throughout Kazakhstan are free.

On weekdays, the contact center is open from 8:00 to 20:00. On holidays and weekends, as well as at night, the population serves IVR. It is a pre-recorded voice messaging system that guides calls within a contact center.

If the appeal requires immediate intervention, the system in the tone mode redirects it to the contact centers of the regional health departments, which work around the clock. If the question is of an explanatory, consultative nature, it is stored in the system, and as soon as the next day the contact center operators start their functionality, the question is registered and accepted for work.

In 2020, 1414 call center operators received and answered more than 719 thousand calls from the population.